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Push Button Objects
Fims + Dj fun

electric cinema . birmingham
For one night only, Capsule will be taking over the Electric Cinema and seducing your eyes, ears and tastebuds with a potentially lethal cocktail of films, music and cake. Five pounds on the door will buy you a mini-festival in its own right, including Push Button Objects, direct from the USA, DeadSunRising and Floach and nimble disk-fingering from Iacon and Tokyo Lucky Hole DJs +capsule girls. Thereâs also “Point to Point”, a special audio-visual treat courtesy of the Cube Cinema in Bristol, along with a storming short film called “keepintime” which has been warming up for DJ Shadow on his recent world tour, and a host of other weird and wonderful bits of film. So, if youâve ever fancied shaking your booty in a cinema, or watching a film at a gig, then this could be the night for you… Doors open at 9pm, and places are limited.

The history of hip-hop is partly a conversation with the rhythms of our elders. KEEPINTIME: Talking Drums and Whispering Vinyl is a groundbreaking documentary that links the practices of todayÕs beat jugglers with those who created the beats in the first place. In February 2000, legendary drummers Earl Palmer, Paul Humphrey, and James Gadson got together to talk about old times, in-between times and just plain old off times. When joined by Babu and JRocc of the Beat Junkies as well as Jurassic 5Õs Cut Chemist, the musical conversation erupted and bridges were built from air. Keepintime is the result of three years of research by L.A. based photographer B+ – who captured the moment, and with the help of succinct music editing by DJ Shadow, created this electric short film.

Edgar Farinas is the Miami-bred producer behind Push Button Objects, whose artful fusions of hip-hop, electro, and jungle have appeared through the American Schematic and Chocolate Industries labels, and through the U.K.-based imprint Skam. While hip-hop remains the core element of the PBO sound, Farinas combines the raw beats with treated electronics, bizarre samples, and rhythmic deviations mostly foreign to hip-hop’s mid- to downtempo lope.

From the depths of West Bromwich, deadsunrising have come to toy with your preconceptions of how a 21st century metal band should sound. With a lineup of six members, deadsunrising are rapidly being acknowledged as the most devastating live attack that the Birmingham scene has seen in years. There is not a safe haven in the entire room once DSR have kicked in, with vocalists and guitarists spreading across the venue like bacteria, with scant regard for personal well-being. Musically, imagine a musical Frankensteins monster made up of the best bits of Botch, Converge, Will Haven, post-rock, grindcore and metalcore, but stitched together totally wrong, and you’ll be somewhere in the vicinity of the unique DSR experience. Recently releasing a split EP on Speedowax with Solway Fifth, the EP only gives a glimpse into deadsunrising, as their live show is where to catch this sextet in action, and the best place to witness their barely-controlled chaos. The revolution is near, are you ready to give your life?

musical archaeologist. His own special brand of vintage lo fi electronica, like Indiana Jones keeps a level head but occasionally has to cut its own wretched path. IACON: is the collaborative project of artists/djs

united in their passion for collecting other peoples junk. Spending far too long in their bedrooms, incorrectly playing records, or in charity shops, car boot sales and 2nd hand record stores, hunting out obscure sounds. This results in samples, soundbites and dialogue being reclaimed, modified and taken out of context to create new meanings, ideas and stories, often amusing and always entertaining.


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Godspeed You Black Emperor! + Kepler + Iacon



Montreal group Godspeed You Black Emperor! are the reluctant heroes of avant rock, whose electric elegies and vaulting idealism seem perpetually at odds with the world.

Listen… we all stop paying rent tomorrow and have a meeting somewhere, all the millions of us who lose everyday and know that things are fucked and know that we’re fucked and that mostly we’re powerless to change it. We stop paying rent tomorrow and sit down and figure out what the fuck a little. Let’s do that – let’s not talk about rock music anymore, let’s ease up on the careless adjectives a little bit, let’s fuck the rent and have ourselves a little meeting about the state of things finally … and let’s stop talking about the millenium. THE END OF THE WORLD WILL NEVER FUCKING COME… Love, Godspeed You Maudlin Emperor! 21/6/99

For further information check:

Kepler share a diffuse rock ethic with groups like GYBE with whom they have toured. If this Canadian quartet lack the focussed sparseness and fragile clarity of, for example early Low, they more than compensate with a looser feel and an experimental openness with inventive arrangements. “Upper Canada Fight Song” and “The Changing Light At Sandover” are particularly fine examples of their subtly drawn out style.
WIRE Issue 26 (Tom Ridge)


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metapod festival launch party


Modified Toy Orchestra, Brian Duffy live performance
Dreams of Tall Buildings
Jeff Spicoli (Stati’k)

The showcase for innovation, new practice, opportunity and discussion for the creative industries

9pm – 10pm.
Modified Toy Orchestra, Brian Duffy
Electronic sound toys have been rewired and reconfigured to create a series of musical instruments each creating their own new electronic sounds which oscillate between the familiar function of the toys and new sounds far removed from the original function. As the performer plays and conducts the amplified toy orchestra, the resulting sounds create a stunning effect. The performances of the toy orchestra are unique each time they are played according to the sequencing and the physical state of the performer giving importance back to the live performance and digital sound. During this event Duffy will create his visually and sonically projected Texas Haiku Hidden Poem made using random word generation from Speak & Spell machines.

10.00pm – 1.00am
Iacon dj collective combine their unique blend of visuals with an ecclectic mix of samples played through a distortion pedal. They have played at several capsule events under the name of wonderland, and has included the chicks on speed night as well as being the first sonic visual commission at capsule. Soon to have their first release on Winnebago records.

Dreams of Tall Buildings
were formed at the end of 1999. their sonic venture began by recording sound textures from media, sounds from their environment and surroundings. they have been known to use type writers and super 8 projectors in order to create unearthly rhythms rather than using traditional percussion. they avoid becoming slaves to genre by having a doctrine which is as evolving as their sound constructions themselves. their sound ranges from minimal microwaves, breathing and non notes to hideously distorted trumpets and string loops sounding like miles davis stabbing stan getz in a floatation tank .


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kid 606 + gold chains + iacon


gold chains

where to start with kid606? some would say that simple words cannot describe him but seeing as he is too lazy and/or busy to make a quicktime movie of his life story words will have to suffice. When not working on more emo-jungle-digital-indie-trashy-punk-noisy-wicked- electro-techno-hardcore-IDM-soul and fuck hits to follow up his “don’t sweat the technics” full length, in his spare time kid606 likes to do remixes for other people or get other people to do remixes for him.

Kid606 like to namedrop (in no particular order)godflesh, the misfits, swans, sex pistols, throbbing gristle, techno-animal, cramps, napalm death, ice, neurosis, eyehategod, joy division, jesus and mary chain,richard devine, stuff on mego like fennesz and farmers manual, mouse on mars, twisted science, vomit lunchs, autechre/gescom, coil, public enemy, v/vm, ambush, I-sound, christoph de babalon, pole, wutang,mase, chain reaction stuff like porter ricks, sonic subjunkies, lexuanculpt, warsaw, good electro like schematic, romullo and his brother, main, heroin, NWA, scala, merzbow, locust, mark van hoen, the crimson curse, lowfish,solvent, gentle giant, the rapture, david kristian, sensational, Dj pure, to roccoco rot, the jungle brothers, matmos, ken ishi, photek, puppy, somatic responses, minor threat,michael nyman, steve reich and gavin bryars.

to find out more about kid 606 and his record label check:

Everybody is talking about this new rap music,” proclaims Gold Chains (a.k.a. Topher LaFata) over some dubby beats on his self-titled EP, soon to be put out by Kit Clayton’s Orthlorng Musork label. No doubt! The San Francisco mic master garnered a mention in Spin before releasing a single track. Maybe its because they had nothing to else interesting to write about that month. But more likely it’s because once the rapper lets his rhymes loose over his bass-thumping, techno-damaged beats and blends them with hip-hop, dub, and a touch of bittersweet pop, babes start dancing and people start feeling good about themselves. What does Gold Chains have to say about this?

“I’m just a normal cali punk rock kid living one day at a time trying to fill the world with beauty, love and revolution.”

Looks like he is doing a good job so far.

iacon dj collective combine their unique blend of visuals with an ecclectic mix of samples played through a distortion pedal. They have played at several capsule events under the name of wonderland, and has included the chicks on speed night as well as being the first sonic visual commission at capsule.


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