Monotonix + Esquilax + Beestung Lips + Cum Dogs


Capsule will be 10 years old this December and we very rarely do things by halves, as is the case with this month long celebration which will include a number of live performances, exhibitions and workshops.


We’ll be starting with a big party to launch an exhibition which delves way back  into our archive, this will be held at Vivid on Tuesday 1st of Dec. With special guests MONOTONIX. These guys absolutely stole the show at this years Supersonic Festival with their acrobatic antics, so it was only right that we have them open proceedings. Vivid has a limited capacity so get your tickets in advance!


MONOTONIX frequently set up on the floor among the crowd, playing shows raucous enough to result in the power being shut off or the police called in. Eventually finding themselves banned from most of the venues in Tel Aviv, the band decided to leave Israel so they could tour the United States and Europe. Their reputation as a band whose shows are not watched, but experienced. Monotonix have become known for setting themselves and their equipment on fire, stealing drinks from audience members to pour on themselves, and turning their shows into unabashed, frenzied dance parties.


In celebration of some of the ground breaking local music Capsule have championed ESQUILAX will be performing a special one off live performance. ESQUILAX were a schizoid terror pop group from Birmingham – a duo creating a frenzy of digital noise, splintered ultra-rapid glitch beats, furious guitar thrashing and barked vocals.Featuring members of Gravepaintings, Dream Dreams the Dreamer and Doom Patrol.

Spewed up from the murky depths of Birmingham at some point in mid 2006, Bee Stung Lips is a four-headed hideous beast, with blood-shot eyes and tentacles stretching far back into the Midlands music scene.
Chewing on notes from The Jesus Lizard, Hot Snakes and Oxbow, and then spitting them back out, with additional nods to literary giants such as Charles Bukowski and John Fante, they create a provocative mixture of wilfully abrasive noise and viscera-shredding rock ‘n’ roll. Howling, anguished, and convulsive vocals tussle with rapid-fire drums, riotous guitar and blistering bass lines, before collapsing into a chaotic heap, breathless and foaming at the mouth.
Fiercely intelligent, yet unashamedly reckless, Bee Stung Lips possess an irrepressible addictive fury along with an abundance of technical aplomb. Rapidly garnering a sizeable reputation for their infamous live performances.


CUM DOGS is a new musical venture for Brian Duffy ( Modified Toy Orchestra). This performance will be Cum Dog’s first live outing so come and see what inventions Mr Duffy has crafted for us this time.

In Association With … is a new VIVID project to provide access to its space and facilities as a platform for social interaction, engagement and critique. It utilizes the history and role of VIVID as an experimental lab through offering an open and versatile environment for thinking and working. The activity and outcomes are completely governed by its users in the creation of an evolving space for production, dialogue, new collaborations and emerging networks. Through the initiative, VIVID wants to encourage risk taking and showcase a wide array of aesthetics from both the city’s vibrant visual, sound and film culture and far beyond.

In Association With … launched in August 2009 with projects from John Hammersley, Jenine McGaughran and Trevor Pitt. This December VIVID are delighted to welcome Capsule for a fantastic series of events to celebrate their 10th anniversary

Poster by Ben Javens




In 1996 Wolf Eyes begins life as a single individual residing somewhere in the sprawling Metro Detroit labyrinth. Nate Young is Wolf Eyes, generating noises with electronics, programming, voice and whatever instrument he can (re)construct. Aaron Dilloway releases a few near-extinct cassettes of this initial Wolf Eyes incarnation on his Hanson imprint then he joins the group full-time, generating noises with guitar, tapes, electronics, horns, mouth and whatever instrument lies within an arm’s reach. Wolf Eyes (as two) tour and record incessantly. A steady stream of quick-to-vanish cassettes, split LP’s, lathe-cut records, and CD-R’s, flows into the general population.






Black Galaxy features Nicholas Bullen whose abrasive work in Napalm Death initiated a new musical genre known as ‘Grindcore’ and later a member of the dark, isolationist and dub-influenced Scorn. In collaboration with Simon Mabbutt they fuse cold and alien galactic soundscapes with minimal warped bass and glacial rhythmic underpinnings to create nocturnal sonorities.

Esquilax are a shiny party plastic new wave avante-garde pop terror group -possessed by Devo, raised by Agoraphobic Nosebleed.


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CAPRICORNS (ex Iron Monkey)

(JUST OFF Small Brook Queensway and The Bristol Rd, 5 mins away

A journey beyond sonic barriers into the
outer reaches of sound, the Demonlapdancing club is the launchpad
for the blast of decibels and decadencethat is “Sounds Of Excess”™.
Curated by Capsule,”Sounds Of Excess”™ bringstogether an army of
experimental musicians for this aggressive auditoryassault. Eugene
and Nico are the lynchpins of Oxbow the San Franciscoquartet who
combined musique concrete with free jazz and punk on albums
like”Fuck Fest” and “Balls In The Great Meat Grinder” and who count
Steve Albiniand Marianne Faithfull amongst their fans. With
Capricorns caustic riff mongers and post-punk group Noise Noise
Alore! who leave the current glut of Gang Of Four copyists hanging
by their own skinny ties. Ron Athey, one of the world’s most
acclaimed and infamous artists will be performing. As well as
Nicole Blackman’s Courtesan Tales billed as a one-person show
performed for an audience of one will also be amongst the Fierce
regulars lurking amongst the shadows at this eerie event. With a
film programme which will include Jim Van Bebbers ‘My Sweet Satan’
and a showing of the uncut classic ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters’ as well as
dj fun though out the night.

check out other stuff
happening during the festival

Fierce Festival

Oxbow –
“The greatest art rock band in the world.” VICE Magazine

VANISHING is a duo from San Francisco who have recently relocated
to Berlin to mix electro-dancehall beats with live disco/marching
rhythms, synths, effected sax, and a mesmerizing voice. Their
surreal and improvisational stage show whose brutal honesty and
sensual grittiness has been hypnotizing crowds everywhere .

At last, an ensemble from the UK underground that is challenging,
Fresh & invigorating; emerging from the granite wastes of
London, England comes the towering behemoth known as Capricorns.
(Members of Iron Monkey/Orange Goblin/Fabric/ Bridge & Tunnel

Noise Noise Allore!
Take their  cues from such post punk luminaries as devo and
gang of four but add an urgency that is all their own, a world
where rhythmic time changes vie for attention with angular shards
of guitar and a vocalist that can barley contain the voice from
within his own body, a highly charged sexual rush of a show that
will leave you confused and wanting all good lovers

Crystal Wrists
A band born in a small town. A place that sits in the  shadow
of churches, industrial blocks and neon lit underpasses seems
only  fitting for a band resonate of a darker yet possibly
more vital era.
There is an infection that lies in their sound. A drama, a design,
an art,  an honesty and a performance. Referencing bands such
as Bauhaus or The Psychedelic Furs

This event has been kindly supported by PRS Foundation

and Zero Tolerance Magazine

Born into an extremely devout but dysfunctional Pentecostal
family in Connecticut 1961, the young Ron Athey was raised to be a
minister and feted as a gift from God by the congregation. But
whilst this religious upbringing set the course for Athey’s life it
certainly wasn’t in the direction his family intended. Living in
Los Angeles, Athey became a self-harming heroin addict until
finding a channel for the pain and confusion of his childhood in
performance art works which have consistently challenged and
trounced taboos such as HIV, incest and
suicide – becoming one of the world’s most acclaimed and infamous
artists in the process.

check out film footage from the night at


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Lightning Bolt + Envy + Esquilax



The future of music has arrrived! Lighting Bolt will be landing in Birmingham while in between shows at this years ATP festival. With just drums and bass, trainspotters will name check similarly staffed outfits like the Ruins and Godehead Silo.

Prepare yourself for much moreÉ The massive, chunky noise violence that emits from bassist Brian Gibson and drummer Brian Chippendale onstage makes for an intensely visceral experience. Chippendale’s vocals transmit via a contact mic rigged to his mouth inside a weathered, striped ski mask. Their amps alone are about the height and size of a large-scale yurt, and when they’re turned up all the way, the sound is both hypnotic and physically exhausting.

Noise and commotion, dance floor fury and intracite symphonies to washing machine squeaks. New music, guarenteed to include every citizen of Earth in a scrambling race to the finish line of complete sound! It is rare the sounds of the future are so appealing to all life forms. Their hyper-humanoid percussion matched with bowel loosening bass is sure to please.

Lightning Bolt has played with folks like Melt Banana, Ruins, Locust and Arab on Radar and share a similar sense of uber-absurd rockulism.

for further info check:

For over 11 years, they have been creating the most intense fusion of emotive ballads with ferocious teeth gritting screaming hardcore. They have created their own sound with their speedy guitars, loud pounding bombastic drums, heavy screams in Japanese, and pummeling fretless bass lines. Think somewhere between Yaphet Kotto to Mogwai.

“Shiny party plastic new wave avante-garde pop terror group” – possessed by Devo, raised by Agoraphobic Nosebleed


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