Capsule 10th Birthday concert


Capsule, Birmingham’s most innovative art and music producers kick off their 10th birthday celebrations with an extraordinary night of entertainment at the spectacular Town Hall Birmingham. Special guests include old friends Tunng who combine a perfect mixture of skewed electronica and pastoral English Folk music. Six Organs of Admittance, psych-folk-pop, hippie jams updated for the kids of today. Lightning Dust, the side project of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, both members of Canadian band Black Mountain. Complimented by the bewitching Bela Emerson, an innovative and prolific performer of electric cello, electronics, tenor viol and musical saw.

Town Hall Birmingham is one of the oldest concert halls in the world. It has been at the centre of British musical life, and at the heart of Birmingham’s cultural scene, since the day it opened in October 1834. In 2009, the much-loved venue marks its milestone 175TH anniversary with a special series of events including concerts, talks, dances, films and more.


Known/Unknowns – Flat Pack Film Festival event


Room 1.


Room 2.

+ films/djs/cake/record stalls

only £5 – more details coming soon

8pm – 2am

Room 1.
Formed out of the despair of human living to counteract the grim realities of failed life. THREADS hitting the scene like an Atomic bomb hitting Sheffield. Worlds greatest d.i.y stadium rock band no messing!
Ex-every band ever!

For further details about Flat pack festival check:

One of the UK’s brightest underground grindcore/hardcore bands, expect lots of screaming over lots of blastbeats and very dirty guitar noise.

chaotic, drunken, loud, fast, punk rock music (think the jesus lizard, song of zarathustra, refused, and charles bukowski thrashed around in a blender).

room 2.
The Dirty Cakes are a fusion of influences ranging from pre-war Berlin
cabaret to jazz, swing and metal.

HOT RODDY (Wrong Music)
Chris Cook lived in Brighton, has been making electronic music of all kinds
for many years and operating under the names Remote and Hot Roddy, plays sitar along with his beats at every gig. In 2004, Cook also started to play gigs as Same Actor, using various stringed instruments building up
soundscapes on the fly using no pre recorded or pre sequenced material, but playing with alternative tuning systems and world rhythms.

BELA EMERSON (amazing set of cello and effects)
“Bela plays cello like you’ve never heard it played before, looping bowed
and plucked string rhythms through pedals, warping the sounds into spacey and industrial noise, beating out accompaniment on the body of her
instrument. A more captivating, physical performance you are not likely to
see.” Brighton Source, November 2006

Films include Legalize Murder (A True Black Metal Comedy) Directed by: Joseph Salerno & Nick Warden

and PAPER RAD a Pittsburgh, PA/Northampton, MA collective that has
bubbled under the elastic waistline of the world’s slacks for over a
decade, tickling its privates and filling its diapers. This collective
first started churning out cortex hemorrhaging lysergia comics and
moved on to bands, videos, snack foods and installations. Past videos
for the band for bands have included LIGHTNING BOLT (on LIGHTNING
BOLT’s POWER OF SALAD LOAD 041) and the PICK A WINNER video compilation
(LOAD 050). Think of this group showing up to the 80’s dance party with
tazers and ketamine, and you waking up at the bottom of the ball tank
at CHUCK E. CHEESE. Not suitable for work, but definitely suitable for
family occasions!

Art installation bt The Outcrowd


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