A Hawk And A Hacksaw + Mills & Boon + Chairmaker


A Hawk And AHacksaw- a rooster, a gaggle of geese, bits of tin, two rivers (one in france, one in new mexico), a violinist who began playing at age three, a small cat who has three little kittens, an assortment of gongs, wooden percussive implements, and portable drums, the occasional jazz musician, or tuba player, an oud master, three accordions, a romanian brass band, 4 hungarian cosmopolitans and a stroh violin.

Mills & Boon
Infamous locals channeling the spirit of Beefheart, creating their own ramshackle brand of rambling psych spazz folk.  They always deliver a stunning live performance that bristles with a chaotic excitement and a sense that anything could (and might) happen, these are the wonderful drunks of times gone by, instruments in hand entertaining anyone they encounter.