Slow and steady wins the race – Bismuth and Nadja bring the doom to Supersonic 2022

Supersonic audiences are no stranger to the heavier side of experimental music, but even the most seasoned doom-heads should be sure to bring ear protection to the Saturday night of our 2022 festival.

Self-described “dreamsludge” duo Nadja are joining us from their home in Berlin. Formed in 2005, multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and bassist Leah Buckareff are nearing one hundred releases of their crushingly heavy sound, across labels such as Alien8 Recordings, Daymare Records, Robotic Empire, Hydra Head Records, Gizeh Records, Important Records, and their own imprint, Broken Spine Productions.    

“You don’t so much throw on a Nadja album as dunk your head in one.”

Coming from a little closer to home are Nottingham two-piece Bismuth. The pair met when bassist, vocalist and synth player Tanya Byrne posted an advert in her local rehearsal space which read “looking for a drummer who plays really slowly”. Joe Rawlings responded, and when they both showed up to their first meeting wearing the same Om shirt, they new they were coming from the same place.

Bismuth’s 2018 release “The slow dying of the Great Barrier Reef” sold out its first pressing within three weeks. The funereal title track, clocking in at 32 minutes long, reflects volcanologist Byrne’s fears about ongoing ecological decline. “Playing so slowly helps me feel connected to the deep time of the geological record,” she explains.   

“They’ve been described in the past as “like Stonehenge, but music”, which should tell you all you need to know…expect something enormous, vaguely mystical, largely inexplicable, and inconceivably heavy.”
 Terrorizer Magazine


With Bismuth and Nadja on the bill for Saturday, it’s shaping up to be a heavy night. Get your tickets for Supersonic 2022 edition here.