We <3 Centrala

You’ll find a lot of our shows at Centrala recently, and with good reason. Since its inception, Centrala has become an integral part of Birmingham’s independent art & music scene- a frequent host of Digbeth First Fridays- championing an electric fusion of exhibitions and live performance. From our upcoming end of year show on DECEMBER 8th (Hey Colossus, Youth Man, Matters and Yama Warashi) to our next OUTLANDS show, Ecstatic Material: a new collaboration between Beatrice Dillon & Keith Harrison mixing electronic music with heightened playdough visuals, Centrala provides a unique space to deliver unconventional nights & a good times all round.

Tucked away amidst the industrial warehouse spaces of Minerva Works sitting at the steps to the canal, Centrala is a multifunctional art space in Birmingham run by the Polish Expats Association. As a non-profit organisation presenting art from Central and Eastern Europe and the UK, Centrala- with it’s two gallery spaces and café/ bar area- is a place where art meets community in the edgy corner of Digbeth, Birmingham. The aim of the gallery is to create an inspirational place and platform for building social ties, with their innovative programme including socially-engaged contemporary art from Central and Eastern Europe. We see a strong shared ethos between ourselves and Centrala’s programming, seeing how both organisations continue to platform ambitious work, with international, intellectual and political stretch.

[Supersonic & Outlands presents…. Matana Roberts & Jelly Jayne Jones collaboration, May 2018 @Centrala]




As well as all the shows we’ve hosted at Centrala so far, it’s awesome to see the influx of exciting musicians and artists who’ve had the tip off and headed straight for this diverse space to showcase what they do in this little pocket of weird Brum. Check out what’s coming up at Centrala in the coming weeks and see for yourself what all the fuss is about…

Stereocilia & Ate

Stereocilia is Bristol based guitarist and composer, John Scott. John uses his guitar, analog synths and live looping techniques to create dense, rich layers of sound.
His live show is centered around a visual backdrop he has created, with the improvisation acting as a live soundtrack. He will be joined by ate (Bulgaria/Poland) who- in searching for the unlimited rules of music theory- has create a project which creates hypnotic soundscapes with reverberation.


Waterflower, Sam Haven

Art pop/experimental pop/electro-acoustic/audio-viusual performance art. Sam Haven returns to Birmingham following a stellar show last year showcasing her unique brand of avant-garde pop and visuals.


And of course…

Supersonic Presents…Hey Colossus / Youth Man / Matters / Yama Warashi

Hey Colossus forge a completely idiosyncratic combination of power, control, tenderness, miscontrol and more power, this six piece band active since 2003 acutely channel the best of your record collections and spit them back out into some quite astonishing shows and releases. They will be joined by TWO brummie locals- Youth Man (Sexy punk band) and Matters (Synthy soundscapes)- as well as Japanese folk-fusion from Yama Warashi. Plus curated noise/improv sets from Ideas of Noise (Midlands experimentalists) downstairs & of course, DJs & DEBAUCHERY ’til late!

So come on down to Centrala on Dec 8th to see this year out in style with us in one of our favourite weird-Brum spots!