1 x Weekend ticket + 1 day in the MOOG Lab


1 day in the MOOG Lab

Weekend Ticket - Supersonic Festival 2018

In stock

In stock

For £550  we will worship you as our pagan deity of Supersonic Festival. Well, not quite, but to be honest this is better! In honour of the super special Supersonic supporter who can dig this deep, we offer you something that money can’t usually buy. As well as a Weekend Earlybird Festival Pass, we invite one lucky individual to spend a day in the Moog Lab whilst it is installed in Birmingham. The lab consists of a priceless collection of rare Moog synthesisers of every imaginable shape, size and sound. It is on loan from America and is to be installed at the Birmingham Conservatoire in June, especially for Supersonic Festival. You will be able to experiment all day on this incredible collection, a rare opportunity to play with electronic equipment of this provenance, quality and scale. We will also thank you personally in this year’s Supersonic Festival brochure.
(The Moog Lab day must be arranged with us in advance, to happen during the time in which the Lab is with us in Birmingham)


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